Thursday, March 25, 2010

Malabrigo March

Malabrigo is my favoritist yarn ever. I would knit with nothing but mal if I could afford it. This happens to be Malabrigo March and knitting with my favorite yarn this month might just win me more of it so I went nuts. Just wish I had the funds for a coupld of big projects, too. Sadly, not this year. Maybe next year.

Here are a few of my mal projects from the past month.


  1. I'm going to need your tuttelage on that hat with the big button. I started to read the pattern and just couldn't figure it out. . . think you can talk me through it?

    GORGEOUS stuff here, as always. I am in awe. :)

  2. Oh, It's really not hard, Mon. I more than happy to walk you through it. It's 99% knit stitches and you can skip the provisional cast on.